Eco-friendly Film greenstretch rt

Eco-friendly machine wrap stretch film  designed by Ergis, a leading manufacturer of stretch film, in compliance with the principles of circular economy for the purpose of supporting sustainable development of our customers.

This eco-friendly stretch film contains up to 30% of recycled material. It is a solution which enables us to:

  • Reduce the amount of material from fossil fuel sources
  • Significantly reduce carbon footprint
  • Produce film in compliance with the principles of circular economy

High-quality eco-friendly stretch film

Despite using material made of processed waste, GreenStretch film has excellent operating properties.

  • Pre-stretch capability of up to 250% for machine wrap stretch films – less film needed to pack a pallet and high efficiency of packing
  • Strong holding forces – safe transport of loads
  • Puncture resistance – no ruptures on the corners of pallets or protruding edges of cardboard boxes
  • The film is 100% recyclable

The eco-friendly machine wrap stretch film is available in thicknesses ranging from 17 to 23 mic.

Our technical advisers from Ergis Load Stability Academy ELSA will help you develop and implement a solution, which involves choosing a film, developing a packing system and pattern, and calculating the costs of packing.

Eco-friendly stretch film from recycled materials – we protect the environment

The structure of hand wrap GREENSTRETCH® film contains at least 30% recycled post-consumer waste.

Using the eco-friendly GREENSTRETCH® film:

  • Reduces carbon footprint by up to 20%
  • Reduces the amount of waste in landfills
  • Reuses materials
  • Slows down consumption of fossil resources

The eco-friendly hand wrap stretch film is available in thicknesses ranging from 15 to 23 mic. 


ecological product


elongation up to 250%



high holding forces



High Spot burn


Positive economic effect